Tenant Disclosure Form

Please initial on the lines provided before each statement*.

I understand that Brown Sales will not be moving my furniture.

I understand that I (the resident) am responsible for moving all of my personal items as well as any and all breakables, and valuables off the walls and areas where flooring is being installed, or adjacent to.

I understand that I (the resident) must provide security for all of my personal items.

I will not hold BROWN SALES INC. responsible for any damaged items that were not moved, or were moved (example: wall hangings, vases, knickknacks, breakables, valuables, electronics, etc.).

I further understand that all areas being installed must be clear at the same time in order to ensure a proper install. Any and all furnishings that will not fit in areas not being replaced will be moved in areas outside of the unit.

Pets must be secured out of the unit at time of install.

By signing below I verify that I have read all six (6) statements listed above and agree with each one. I further understand that by signing this disclosure that I am unable to hold BROWN SALES INC. responsible for any damages to my personal items.

(If applicable)

***All occupied units are scheduled for AM***